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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

With Avon Valley Beef you can taste the difference. We’re committed to supplying the highest possible quality meats by sourcing produce from local farmers throughout the Avon Valley and South West WA. Beef, lamb, pork, chicken and more – we’ve got it covered.

Avon Valley Beef is a vertically integrated business comprising a company owned abattoir in Northam, our modern Malaga processing facility and three retail stores in Malaga, Beechboro and Midland.

We have full control of our product from farm to plate, meaning we can produce a consistently high quality product. Avon Valley Beef also supplies quality meats to many of Perth's butchers, cafes, restaurants, commercial caterers and independent grocery stores.We also supply spit roast catering as well as restaurant catering supplies all over Perth.

A little history…

Proudly WA owned and operated, Avon Valley Beef is a family business which has been providing meat of the highest quality to West Aussies for more than 25 years. Our solid reputation has been built on the principles of quality, value for money and first class customer service.

To ensure our meat is always of the highest quality, we hand-pick our cattle from local, sustainable farms. We also grow a small number of our own beef on our company farm in Northam where our abattoir is situated.

Avon Valley Beef source mainly British bred cattle such as Murray Grey and Black Angus. All of our beef is grain-fed yearling cattle (approx. 14 months old) and is the highest quality beef by Australian standards. Grain-fed cattle are quicker to produce and the meat and fat colour is more consistent than that of a grass fed animal. After 90 days on grain, the cattle are sent to our company owned abattoir in Northam.

We’re unique…

Our Malaga processing plant was opened in 1996 and is fitted with modern equipment which enables us to process several hundred bodies per week. We also produce a wide range of delicious speciality products, including our popular Avon Valley Beef sausages and burgers, rissoles, corned meats, lamb, pork and chicken.

What makes us truly unique is that we are the only meat processer in Western Australia that has full control of its product – from hand-picking our beef to the recycling of by-products.

Our Northam site has processing equipment which allows us to turn by-products into resourceful materials such as tallow and meat meal. We also produce high quality pet food from our own beef trimmings. Our pet food is available fresh or in a variety of cooked pet-rolls and is also sold at independent supermarkets and pet stores. We use approximately 95% of the beef carcass and pride ourselves on being an environmentally responsible company. This makes us unique to any other meat processor in W.A.

Quality is the key…

We’re all about quality. We work to rigorous standards to ensure nothing but the best reaches your dinner table. It’s what our customers have come to expect and we’ll never let them down.

Avon Valley Beef is guided by a quality assurance manual which incorporates HACCP and is independently audited to ensure we meet regulatory requirements. We also have a quality assurance process by which each carcass is individually graded to ensure you only receive the highest standard meats.

Thorough monitoring and documentation is carried out for goods received, process monitoring, dispatch, product traceability and hygiene. We strive to be progressive with our quality assurance standards and our employees receive ongoing training to encourage innovation and help to further improve our systems. 

Where can you sample our products?

Avon Valley Beef supply many of Perth’s restaurants, cafés, butchers and independent grocery stores, with daily deliveries from Malaga in our own refrigerated vehicles.

In 2003 we opened our first retail store at our Malaga premises, followed by the opening of our Beechboro and Midland Superstores. Now we are able to supply the public with the highest quality meats at wholesaler direct prices. You will not only find the widest range and best quality beef, you will also find first class lamb, pork and chicken. Our superstores also stock a range of pet food, seafood, frozen vegetables, sauces, pies, pasta, oils, plus many more specialty items to choose from to complement every meal.

Thank you for supporting a local business that employs local people and supports West Australian Farmers.


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