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Q. Why choose us?

We are the only processor in Western Australia who has complete control of their product from hand-picking our own cattle to the recycling of by products. Our meat is of the very highest quality and is sourced from local, sustainable farms in W.A predominantly the Avon Valley and the South West of WA.

Q. Where can I buy your products?

Wholesale customers can make an order through our head office in Malaga and Retail customers can enjoy our delicious meat products by visiting one of our three stores - Malaga, Beechboro and Midland. You will also find Avon Valley Beef products on offer in many restaurants, cafes, butchers and independent grocery stores across Perth.

Q. Can I place a meat order?

We don't pick and pack shopping orders through our retail stores, however if you are after a special product that we do not have on display in the store we can have our butchers specially prepare it for you. An example would be a full leg of pork, butt of beef, whole lambs for spit, lamb shoulder roast etc. We just require 24-48hrs notice.

Q. Are your burgers and sausages gluten free?

Unfortunately our Beef Burgers are not Gluten free. In our BBQ Beef Sausages we use a rice flour, however the pre-mix is made on a premises where gluten exists. Therefore there may be traces of gluten present in the BBQ Beef sausages.

Q. What type of cattle do you use?

We use Grain-fed Yearling cattle (approx. 14 months old), which is the best quality beef by Australian standards. We mainly use British-bred cattle, such as Black Angus and Murray Grey.

Q. Grain-fed beef vs Grass-fed beef

At Avon Valley Beef we produce the highest quality Grain-fed Yearling Beef. Grain-fed cattle are quicker to produce and the meat colour, fat colour, texture and marbling is more consistent than that of a grass-fed animal. It is difficult to produce fully grass-fed beef in W.A due to the dry climate. We do however, have a small range of grass-fed beef available at most times. Ask one of our friendly staff to show you our selection of Grass-fed beef.

Q. Is your meat Halal?

No, we are not currently Halal certified.

Q. Why do you Vacuum seal your meat?

We choose to vacuum seal majority of our product as the vacuum sealed packaging extends the shelf life of the meat considerably. The vacuum seal also allows customers to ‘wet-age’ their meats to the desired tenderness, suffering minimal weight loss and no spoilage. Optimal tenderness and flavour is said to be between 2 – 5 weeks ageing. We recommend customers to age their beef to within one week of the Best Before date displayed on the packaging, but not after the date. It is of utmost importance to ensure there is no oxygen in the packet. If the packaging is compromised the meat must be consumed or frozen immediately. It is normal for an odour to be released upon opening the packet, this should dissipate within a minute or so.

Q. Are your cattle treated humanely?

Yes! Animal welfare standards in Australia are very high and our farmers are closely governed by the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS). The NFAS are passionate about animal welfare and have strict specifications for space, food and water, cleaning and drainage. Under the scheme farmers are independently audited annually to ensure compliance.

Q. How do I know what size roast to choose?

We usually work on approximately 250g per person for boneless meat and 300g per person for bone-in meats. You must also consider that the meat will shrink about 10% when roasting.

Q. How do I know what type of mince to choose?

Leanest grades of mince are a popular choice, but a slightly higher fat content can give a better result for some recipes.

  • The leanest grade of mince we supply is the "Gourmet Mince" (approx. 99% lean) or "Premium Mince" (approx. 95-97% lean).
  • Our "Regular Beef Mince" is approx. 90% lean. Regular grade mince is a good all purpose choice, you can spoon off the fat as you brown the mince to reduce the fat content as you cook.
  • Our "Budget Beef Mince" is made from the same high quality beef trimmings as our higher grade minced products, but the fat content is a little higher (approx. 80-85% lean). This can be preffered for enhanced flavour.
  • We also supply a 10mm and 19mm Beef Mince which is commonly used by bakers to make meat pies. 10mm and 19mm is the size of the blades used to mince the meat, therefore 19mm is the most coarse. In comparison, our Regular Beef Mince is made using a 6mm plate.

Q. How can I tell when my meat is cooked?

The only accurate way of checking that your meat is cooked perfectly is by using a meat thermometer. We have a range of meat thermometers available for purchase in our retail stores for safe and accurate cooking.

Q. I want to be more inventive when cooking meat, what can I do?

Check out our recipe page for some inspiration or visit one of our stores and ask us in person!